My Product + Money Saving Secret

Clickbait much? But seriously. One of the skincare questions a few people have asked me in the last months couple is, “Don’t you have to constantly replace all these products you’re using?!” And, it’s true, I do burn through the products I currently use at a more rapid clip than before. But isn’t that really a good thing? Why spend the money on products you’re not going to use? The key is to not waste products you’re spending money on.

In the past I think I’ve generally used more product per application than is probably necessary. Now, I’m more conservative: most of the products I use that have a pump dispenser need only one pump per application. Start there and build if you need more. For products in a tube like lotions and creams, start with a dime size amount.

Toners and essences that have a watery consistency are where it gets tricky. I’ve read many bloggers who say that they don’t use cotton pads/balls because they feel it wastes too much product. I get where they’re coming from: it takes a lot more product to keep a cotton pad/ball damp enough to adequately cover the skin. But applying with my fingertips has always felt clumsy and equally wasteful.

Selena Multilayer Cotton Sheets

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